Events for Junior & Senior High Students (Grades 5-12)


Now that the Niagara Region is in the Red Zone, we will begin to meet in person again for our Friday night Youth Events. 
Events will begin on Friday nights at 7:30PM beginning Friday, March 12
Students and leaders attending in person are required to wear a mask at all times and maintain physical distancing. If a person answers YES to any of the Self-Assessment Questions on the night of the event, they are not permitted to attend.  
Students wishing to continue to participate online can continue to do so by live streaming the event and also joining virtually into our Small Groups (RSVP required). 
April 2021
April 9th > Who Created God?
April 16th > Will God Kick Me Out if I Keep on Sinning?
April 23-24 > TeenStreet Conference
(Senior High Students)
April 30th > How Can I Know What God’s Plan is For My Life?
May 2021
May 7th > What Does the Bible Say About Abortion?
May 14th > What Does the Bible Say About Sexuality?
May 21st > How Good Do I Have to be to Get Into Heaven?
May 28th > How Come God Didn’t Answer My Prayer?
June 2021
June 4th > Who Am I Supposed to Be?
June 11th > What does the Bible Say About Racism, Stereotypes & Discrimination?
June 18th > Does the Bible Place Men Above Women?
June 25th > How is Christianity Different Than Other Religions?

Each Friday night at Redeemer, we have a time of worship through music, a message, small groups and some fun activities and fellowship!

Please make sure that, before attending the event, you pass the COVID-19 Self Assessment, use the washroom and bring your own lawn chair, snacks and bug spray.
Can’t attend in person? Follow us LIVE from 7:30-8:30PM on the
Redeemer Bible Church Facebook Page