How it Works:

Download the Bracket Challenge File. Go through all of the matchups and choose who you believe will move on in each round beginning in the First Round. Then, make your choices of the Sweet 16 Round, then the Elite 8, then the Final 4 and finally, for the Championship to decide who is the Undisputed Champion!
Once you’ve entered all your picks, save your file and email it to 
If you want to find out more about who our leaders are click this link!  
1. Oma > 22,000
2. Louisa > 21,000
3. Jacob > 19,500
4. Janet > 14,000
5. Anna > 13,500
6. Anne > 12,500
7. Katie > 11,000
8. Jordan > 10,000
9. John > 9,000

 Today’s Bracket Challenge Questions

Submit your answers to by 8:00PM tonight!

 Final Question for Undisputed Champion!

Which would you rather get a tattoo of?

Louisa’s Eye Flutter